Legacy Artists - Viola Frey


In anticipation of a forthcoming catalogue raisonné for Legacy Artist Viola Frey, Artists' Legacy Foundation (ALF) is requesting information about Frey artworks from collectors. If you own an artwork or have other information that would be helpful as we compile her catalogue raisonné, we ask that you complete the form below or call the ALF office. Frey's catalogue raisonné will include images of each artwork, title, year, dimensions, provenance, exhibition history, and bibliography, as well as collector credit lines. Requests for confidentiality of information submitted will be honored and used for internal purposes only. Artists' Legacy Foundation does not authenticate artworks.


Please use one submission per Viola Frey artwork. If you have questions completing this form, please call the ALF office at (510) 834-2787.


We'd appreciate any artwork images you can provide for identification purposes, such as one image of the front; one image of the signature (if any); and for sculpture, one of the back side. Please click the button below to securely upload your images:

ALF staff will contact you to confirm receipt of your submission. Thank you for taking the time to submit your information.

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